Emily Dickinson Birthday Celebration 2018

December 8, 2018, 1-4PM

You and your family are cordially invited to celebrate Emily Dickinson's 188th birthday at her home - the Emily Dickinson Museum! On Saturday, December 8,  join us for a festive open house. Tour the Homestead and The Evergreens at your leisure for free; enjoy the Holiday decorations and traditional music; decorate an ornament with a special birthday message and hang it on the tree at The Evergreens or take it home; and of  course, enjoy coconut cake made from the poet’s own recipe.

All are welcome and no fee or reservations are required. Full schedule is below.






Open House schedule:

1:00PM Open House begins: The Homestead and The Evergreens

  • Pop-up exhibition by Nancy Meagher of artwork inspired by the Dickinson family houses
  • Victorian holiday crafts at the Evergreens
  • Letter-writing station at the Homestead
  • Homestead Library display exploring the Dickinson family's gift-giving traditions
  • Festive piano music at the Evergreens by Amherst College students Faith Wen and Audrey Cheng
  • Decorations, and knowledgeable guides

1:30PM Lively readings from off Dickinson's bookshelf , Homestead parlors

2PM String quartet at the Homestead: Jake Kim (violin), Marie Leou (violin), Yosen Wang (viola), and Sophie Chen (cello).

2:30PM Emily’s coconut cake cake is served at the Homestead! 

2:45PM Lively readings from off Dickinson's bookshelf , Homestead parlors

3:15PM String quartet at the Homestead: Andrea Boskovic (violin), Seoyeon Kim (violin), Devin Epstein (viola), and Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse (cello). 

4PM Open House concludes

Featured artists and musicians:

Nancy Meagher: A passion for story telling, local history, and a scarred, emotional and textured surface, Nancy Meagher’s oil paintings on canvas and vintage mosaics hold secrets. Pioneer Valley artist Meagher is a painter, a writer, a teacher, and an Emily Dickinson enthusiast. She was an art specialist at Gill Montague Regional School District for 19 years. She is a member of Gallery A3 in Amherst and has exhibited there, at Hope and Feathers, at Amherst College's Frost Library, and at Amherst Works. She is also a frequent attendee at the Emily Dickinson Museum's monthly Poetry Discussion Group.  Find out more about Nancy Meagher here.

 Audrey Cheng: Audrey Cheng is a music and economics double major at Amherst College. She has performed in masterclasses for Angela Hewitt, John Perry, and Ruth Slencynska. At Amherst, she is a flautist in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra and the photography editor in chief of the yearbook. In her free time she enjoys playing Neopets and watching opera. 

Faith Wen: Faith Wen is a Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought and Music double major at Amherst College hailing from southwest Missouri. She has performed in masterclasses for John Milbauer, the Juilliard Quartet, and the Chiara Quartet, and has occasionally dabbled in orchestra and chamber music. Apart from academics and music, Faith is also heavily involved with the Amherst Christian Fellowship. Lastly, she is deeply ashamed that this event will mark her first time visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum in all her three years of attending Amherst but is delighted to finally redeem herself.