Featured Projects

In 2006, the Emily Dickinson Museum concluded its firstcapital campaign, successfully raising $705,000, including a handsome Save America's Treasures grant to complete a series of planning, restoration and infrastructure projects.

These initial accomplishments included:Hedge and Fence Project

  • Returning the Homestead's exterior to the ochre and off-white color scheme it wore during Dickinson's lifetime
  • Commissioning a Master Plan that charts the preservation and restoration of the Museum's structures and landscape
  • Improving the fire detection and electrical systems inside both historic houses to protect the structures as well as the treasures within
  • Improving water drainage and other infrastructure issues in both homes

More restoration projects followed, most notably the magnificent restoration in 2009 of the Hedge and Fence (pictured right) in front of the Homestead and The Evergreens. To find out about specific projects and how your gift to the Emily Dickinson Museum might move those projects forward, call 413-542-2154.