Field Trips

The poetry and world of Emily Dickinson come alive for students during a visit to the Emily Dickinson Museum.  The Museum welcomes visits from K-12 classes, from homeschoolers, from colleges, and other student groups. Museum staff are happy to work with individual teachers to create an experience that suits classroom needs, supports curriculum frameworks, and ensures a positive experience for students.

school group at the Emily Dickinson Museum


Museum Visits

A typical visit to the Museum lasts about one hour per classroom and includes a guided tour of the Homestead, the poet's house.  During the tour, guides use interactive discussion techniques to highlight aspects of the poet’s life and work.   At the conclusion of the tour, students have an opportunity to read Dickinson’s poems aloud and to do individual writing as they reflect on their experience at the Homestead.

Other tour options can include a visit to The Evergreens, the home of the poet’s brother Austin. The Evergreens offers an evocative window into late nineteenth-century life. Although the Museum has not developed a formal school tour of The Evergreens, education groups may request a tour of The Evergreens if such a visit corresponds to the group's curriculum needs. Requests should be discussed with the Museum's group tour coordinator.

College-level groups may find any of the Museum's tours appealing. Please see Tour Options for more information about Emily Dickinson's World tour, "This was a Poet" tour, and "Grounds of Memory" landscape audio tour.

Museum Outreach

The Emily Dickinson Museum can bring the poet's world to your classroom.   Museum guides visit your classroom with our Artifact Bags to help students learn more about the poet's life and work. Please see Museum Outreach for more information.

Field Trip Fees

Please see the Group Tours section for more information about fees and scheduling a Museum tour or outreach visit. Your State and Local Cultural Council will have information about PASS Programs that may be helpful when planning a school field trip to the museum. Schools in Massachusetts should visit