Upcoming Tour Schedule Modifications

We make every effort to preserve the Museum's posted tour schedule for our visitors' convenience.  However, from time to time we need to modify the schedule to accommodate a large group tour or special event and to provide a more pleasant visiting experience for everyone.  See below for upcoming anticipated schedule alterations.

  • On Monday, July 10, the following public tours are cancelled: 10:30/11/11:30/12PM. An additional 12:30PM public tour has been added.
  • On Wednesday, July 11, the 10am public tour is cancelled.
  • On Friday, July 14, the 10am public tour is cancelled.
  • On Wedneday, July 19th, the 2:30pm public tour is cancelled.
  • On Thursday, July 20th, the 3:30pm public tour is cancelled.

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updated 7/7/17