Art at The Evergreens On-line

Abram and Sara, Cavazza
Abram and Sara by Azzo Cavazza, ca. 1870

The art collection of The Evergreens is available on-line through the Five College Art Museums/Historic Deerfield Collection Database. The project, completed in January 2013, was a joint effort by the Emily Dickinson Museum and the Mead Art Museum. 

Jane Wald, executive director of the Emily Dickinosn Museum, notes:  "A significant strand in Dickinson studies has been the context of a life that came to be marked by increasing withdrawal from society - What influenced Dickinson before her growing seclusion and what penetrated the veil she drew around herself? This project marks a major step forward in drawing aside the veil to reveal more fully the artistic tastes of Dickinson's family and the visual culture she experienced first-hand."

The project was made possible with support from Amherst College, which underwrote the first Mead/Dickinson Summer Research Internship, a position charged with performing the core research.  The intern, Jennifer Morales, Amherst College Class of 2013, used existing museum records and library resources,and examined  the original works of art to record cataloguing information for every major artwork in The Evergreens's collection. Morales laid the groundwork for future study by compiling research bibliographies on the topics of collecting in the nineteenth century and on key artists represented in the collection.

To view digital images of the entire list of 218 artworks, click here.