Comments from Past NEH Summer Scholars

Comments from Past NEH Summer Scholars


In the Summer of 2014, the Emily Dickinson Museum will offer the Poetry, Person, and Place seminar for the 3rd year.  After each session we seek feedback from our participating educators.  Read on for just a few comments from previous summer scholars about their experiences.

Jane Wald NEH

“Better teaching always results, I think, from having educators return to the classroom as students.  The Emily Dickinson Museum provides a vivid and intimate way to understand the culture and history of the 19th century, as well as the life of one of the world’s most beloved and famous poets.”

“I came apprehensive about teaching Emily Dickinson … and left with a solid unit plan and an enthusiasm for her life and work.”

“I will return to my classroom rejuvenated and ready to analyze literature, especially in terms of how an author’s background affects his/her texts.”

“The directors, faculty, colleagues, etc. could not have been any better organized or conducted.”

“The workshop allowed me to see beyond the conventional textbook depiction of Dickinson to the more complex, multi-faceted woman that she truly was!  I will be better able to explore her poetry with my students at a much deeper, personal level.”

“The week I spent in Amherst will not only improve my lessons on Emily Dickinson and her work, but also my general poetry instruction.”

“The speakers/faculty were knowledgeable, witty, engaging presenters and offered a variety of perspectives on Emily Dickinson that amplified and, in some cases, challenged what I already knew about the author and her times.”