Educational Group Tours (K-12 and College)

K-12 and College-level groups of 6-50 students are welcome to tour the Emily Dickinson Museum through specially scheduled Educational Group Tours. A Museum staff member will work with you to create a memorable visit for your students, carefully linked to your work in the classroom. Groups may choose from our full menu of tours to explore Emily Dickinson's poetry, place, and lasting legacy. 

Educational Group Tour Booking Process

  • To request an Educational Group Tour, please fill out the form linked below. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. For groups larger than 15, we ask for at least one month's notice. 
  • The Program Coordinator will be in touch within 48 hours and will work with you to find a date and time for your visit.
  • You will receive a Group Tour Policy Agreement and Tour Invoice. The signed Agreement and non-refundable tour deposit will be due back in two weeks.  Schools with financial hardship should discuss this with the Museum's Group Tour Coordinator, as some aid may be possible.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed and you will receive information on What to Expect on your visit to the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Click here to request your tour.*

*The Museum is closed for tours in January and February. No visits are scheduled until confirmed by a Museum staff member. Thank you for your patience.