March 1 Amherst Arts Night Plus at the Emily Dickinson Museum

About Arts Night Plus at the Museum:

 The Emily Dickinson Museum participates in Amherst Arts Night Plus on first Thursdays each month. Free and open to all! Learn more at month enjoy the following:

  • Pop-up contemporary art exhibit in the Homestead from 5 to 8 pm
  • Open mic signups from 5 to 6 pm, with the open mic beginning at 6 pm
  • Featured readers follow the open mic 

About guest artists at the Emily Dickinson Museum: Please note that the works of guest artists may contain sensitive or mature material and do not necessarily represent the views of the Emily Dickinson Museum.

March  1, 2018 Arts Night:

To celebrate Amherst College's Lit Fest, the March Arts Night will feature artists and writers whose work has been appeared in the Amherst College student-run literary magazine, The Circus.  






Featured artists:

Julia Shea 20 is a freshman at Amherst College who doesn’t quite know what she’s doing with her future but is hoping for the best. She’s a prospective Art and English double-major from northern New Jersey, with a soft spot for independent magazines, queer love stories, and really big dogs. She is a managing arts editor and layout designer for Circus Literary & Art magazine, as well as a design editor for the Amherst Student. To see more of her art, follow her new art instagram account @jshea_art for both classwork and for-fun work!

Sonaali Pandiri 18 has always been interested in photographing people in nature and exploring the ways in which technology disrupts these interactions. In the piece, "Into the Clouds," Sonaali wanted to capture the sublime nature of the mountains in relation to the hikers. She repeatedly felt this sense of awe towards the natural world during time in New Zealand, where this picture was taken. Sonaali's second piece speaks to the absence of human connection in the presence of a technology, ironically one that facilitates communication. She wanted to depict this scene without using editing technologies, so employed strings and hangers to create the standing figure.

Song Sangmin 19 is a current junior at Amherst College from Orange County, California. She has contributed art for student publications and exhibits, and is often inspired by nature, music, and animation.  In her work, Song uses pen, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and printmaking.

Nisan Sele 21 is a freshman writer, poet, and photographer from Istanbul, Turkey. In her free time she likes taking long walks in nature and reading a good book in coffee shops. Her prose and poetry are a path she follows to find the questions in her soul. Her photographs are either hidden moments she manages to capture or portraits of friends who agree to go in front of the camera.

Featured readers:

Noor Qasim 18 is a senior English major at Amherst College. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Her fiction often focuses on love and the challenges of girlhood.

Jane Bragdon 20 is a sophomore Art History major at Amherst College. Most of Jane’s poetry never sees the light of day, however, she does on occasion share her poems in hopes that others are able to resonate with the emotions they convey. While only a part-time poet, Jane is a full-time poetry lover—working as a museum assistant at the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Heather Brennan 20 is a sophomore from San Diego, California. She is a potential English and History double major and plays on the field hockey team at Amherst. She started writing poetry when she came to the college because her freshman orientation program was about Emily Dickinson, and since she has been writing both for her classes and on her own.

 Aqiil Gopi 20  is a sophomore at Amherst, majoring in Religion. He is from Mauritius, a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean and has been writing (short stories and poetry mostly) for as long as he can remember. He write mostly in French, his native language, but has been trying to write in English more recently. "Sober" is one of his first poems written directly in another language.