Native Plants for New England Gardens: A Talk by Mark Richardson

June 8, 2018 at 7pm
Amherst Woman's Club
35 Triangle Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Our June Gardener-in-residence series, a "Gardener's Toolkit," provides practical advice and inspiration for indoor and outdoor gardeners. 

In celebration of those most effective landscaping toolsnative plantswe're pleased to host horticultural expert Mark Richardson, Botanic Garden Director of the New England Wildflower Society, for a talk based on his new, co-authored book Native Plants for New England Gardens. This informative discussion will cover native plants and all their garden usesfrom plants to use in place of mulch to those that attract and support pollinators. Special attention will be given to selected species grown by Dickinson.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for Museum Friends, $6 for participants of garden volunteer days June 8-9. No reservations required, but space is limited.

Parking is available in the Woman's Club parking lot, located at the back of the club. Excess parking is available on Mattoon Street, around the  corner from the Club.

For questions, please write or call (413)-542-2034.


 About Native Plants for New England Gardens 

 Plants native to New England evolved to thrive in local conditions and survive harsh seasons. Native Plants for New England Gardens culls the expertise of the New England Wild Flower Society to help anyone create lovely, hardy gardens that will tolerate drought, resist disease and encourage biodiversity. This handy guide to 100 great native flowers, ground covers, shrubs, ferns, and grasses that will thrive in New England gardens features practical information accompanied by beautiful color photography. Find and nurture the native plants that your garden is missing—the planet will thank you.

"There is a groundswell of interest in using native plants to enhance the ecological value of our properties. But which plants should we use and how should we use them? The clear writing and beautiful rendition of Native Plants for New England Gardens answers these questions in spades!" —Douglas Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home and The Living Landscape



 About Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson oversees the New England Wildflower Society’s botanic garden, Garden in the Woods, and its native plant nursery operation, Nasami Farm. He studied ornamental horticulture at University of Rhode Island while helping to run a mid-sized ornamental plant nursery before finding his true passion in public horticulture. He led undergraduate programs at Longwood Gardens, where he overhauled the curriculum of the Professional Gardener Program, and oversaw adult education at Brookside Gardens. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Delaware’s Longwood Graduate Program.