Dickinson's Eden: A Musical Performance by the Red Skies Ensemble

Sunday, November 4, 2018
Amherst Woman's Club

 Join us for an autumnal musical program with the Red Skies Ensemble. Co-created by George Boziwick and Trudy Williams, this program illuminates the confluence of Dickinson’s musical engagements in home music making with her sister Vinnie and the life-time botanical passion that helped form her personal soundscape bridging her musical, poetic and natural worlds. Costumed musicians share rarely-performed vocal and piano music from Dickinson's own collection of sheet music, as well as selections of the popular sentimental songs. At this program, the music will be played directly from the digitized version of the sheet music in Dickinson's own music book. Readings from correspondence illuminates and animates both the music and the musical relationship between the two sisters. 

This program is the final offering of the Museum's 2018 Gardener-in-Residence program series. Reservations may be made by e-mailing edmreservations@emilydickinsonmuseum.org. 

Admission: $15
Museum Friends: $10

Garden volunteers: $5

About Red Skies:

The Red Skies Music Ensemble  combines music and scholarship, making archives and special collections come alive 
through research and performanceGeorge  Boziwick (Curator and Musical Director) and Trudy Williams (Artistic Director) co-create and co-produce research-based programs that are educational and entertaining for both general and expert audiences. Through The Red Skies Music Ensemble's Public Musicology performance model, each program brings research to the stage through the lens of music in an engaging, research-based narrative, musical and theatrical performances, and large screen images of archival documents and artifacts. These elements are combined in a single setting to bring the audience on journey that contextualizes historical and musicological facts and insights, many of which have been hidden in plain sight or dimmed in cultural memory. Programs include opportunities for audience participation, and conclude with a Q&A, often with a guest expert.